There is very little room here, as these are set by central government.
Here is my take

If people need a help then yes we should be there to help them out.
BUT not for them to just TAKE how about a little GIVING.

WHY not volunteer some time in the day, even if its just to pick up litter in Gold Park, come on there is nothing on the TV between 0900 – 1000.

Go and talk to the elderly gentleman down the road who has, had no one visit for a week, or do their shopping in the village.
Nowhere in Mundesley is more than 20 minutes from the shops, 20 minutes there, 20 minutes shopping 20 minutes back what a great way to volunteer just 1 hour.

There is 101 other things they could do in just 1 hour.

How hard can it be.

Benefit Fraud

It seems to me there is one rule for one and one rule for another.
If you commit fraud then YES you should be held accountable.
THIS must include the Bankers and Politicians seem to be getting away with it.

Only two more subject areas to discuss in the coming evenings.
Next one will be on Tuesday.
Monday night there is a Parish Council Meeting, Please come a long and have your say.

Council Tax & Rates

If like me you receive your council tax bill this week
You might be wondering why the Parish Council shows a 10% increase when in fact the precept (the amount asked for by the Council) as NOT changed from last year.

This is due in the main, to Holiday and Second Homes.
This pot of money as not changed but the number of people paying has.

Let be try to explain i will keep the numbers simple, if in the 1st year the Parish Council asked for £100 from a population of 100 people living in the area then the 1st bill is £1,

If in the following year 10 homes are changed to 2nd / holiday homes then the £100 comes from it effect 90 people making the bill £1.11 (11%) increase

If in the 3rd year another 10 homes become holiday home or 2nd homes then the population paying is 80 and the bill would be £1.25 another 12% increase on the previous year.
I hope this makes a little sense.

So as more and more 2nd / Holiday Homes are being sold due to increase in house prices (preventing young local families from buying), Our Council Tax bill is likely to go up.

Who get my money

74% goes to Norfolk County Council
13% goes to the Norfolk Police
10% goes to North Norfolk District Council
3% goes to Mundesley Parish Council

Remember when you vote

1 County Councillor
2 District Councillors
13 Parish Councillors

Its your Money so make sure the councillors are YOUR voice.

Community & Wellbeing

Three Community Rights
-Right to Bid
-Right to Build
-Right to Challenge

These 3 right should be embraced by our community.
Local people making local choices.

The Big Society Fund
This needs to be promoted a lot more.
Do the people of ward know anything about this fund.

The Beaches is our greatest assets,
We need to maintain our Blue Flags and develop more areas to obtain the Seaside award. No beach no tourists.

Getting Active,
We now have an over 50’s walking football at the MUGA on monday nights.
IS there any other teams out there wanting support?

WE need to maintain the public toilets on beach road.
ANY ideas how to stop the mindless vandalism, should be listen to.

Business & Economy

Over the past few years more and more shops along the high street have had change of use to homes.
If we don’t do something about this over time we will lose our village centre.
With a locally agreed Village Plan we might halt this progression.

Why has the council Not offered small Business Loans for start ups?
A small deposit may be all that is needed to get someone of the ground.

High speed internet access,
NNDC are cutting funding for ‘sliver surfer courses’ this is crazy if we are moving to an online world these courses should be increased.

Public Transport.
Why is it the last bus from anywhere around 6pm.
Is there a need for a ‘late bus’ leaving cromer train station just after the last train around 10pm and coming down the coast.
There is No joined up transport plan for the area.

Environment & Waste

Dog Fouling –
I would like to see NNDC employ a Dog Warden not just volunteers, I see the signs for £1000 fine but I don’t see anyone enforcing them.
And why do some dog owners bag up their dog waste only to throw it in the hedge.
Remember dog waste CAN be put in the Black Waste Bins

With the amount of bins in the villages why do someone people still manage to drop litter.

Recycle Centres
These centres should have their opening time extended and NOT reduced.
If we are to encourage more recycling surely the council should be extended the type of products for recycling.
How do some councils in the country recycle one type of plastic and another cannot?
If a product is recyclable then the council should recycle it.

Coastal Protection?
Our coast line is our biggest assets, we need to work with mother nature.
Going back to last night and the 100 year line we need to say clearly what is and is not to be protected.

Beach Huts
Yes the council have weekly letting rates, but how about a daily rate for local villagers. Is there a way that villages could have a couple of huts that they let daily to villagers. Last years rate was £105 (Peak) so £15 a day.


This has to be my biggest bug bear.
Over the past four years, your present District Councillors have NOT commented one way or another on ANY planning application in the Ward.
They are YOUR voice they should say SOMETHING.
Check NNDC planning Site at
This surprised me when the Parish Councils can get 30-40 people at a planning meeting to support or reject a planning application.

This magical 100 year line
My understanding is this a line that planning uses to reject planning applications.
This line as no start date nor end date.
If the Line was adopted in 2008 then it is already the 93 year plan.
But if you live near the line you might be able to build or then again you might not.
If NNDC believe Mundesley is going to fall in the sea why spend money on protecting the sea front?
Are they really going to allow this to happen? Me thinks not.

The villages need to grow, but the community needs to be involved in their development. This is where a village plan should be developed. Only the community of each village really knows what best for each village. Not someone in an ivory tower miles away.

Conservation area should mean just that, agreed locally and given added protection.